Freitag, 26. Februar 2010

A Bit Lazy

Sorry my lovely readers that I'm so lazy with blogging, but it's my last week of holidays from university and I have to do everything that I wanted (and did not until now)...but almost good things :)!

Yesterday I watched every video from Suzi Blu! She's such an amazing, funny and lovely artist and every time I'm sad about creating and that stuff I will watch this video here...

And if you are bored or you just want inspiration for art journaling, watch her videos! :)

Which videos are inspiring for you? Link them here! ;)

So. What are your weekend-plans? I'm so excited! Tonight three friends will come over and we will play BUZZ and drink some beer and wine and have fun together!!! Tomorrow I will cook Bolognese!!! Mhm, yammy!!! And there will be a contest between my bolognese and the bolognese from my sisters boyfriend :)! Who will win (i wanna wiiin!!!). So, now, foodporn from my bolognese...maybe your going to cook bolognese too :)?


yammy schlammy  :P

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