Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

Good And Bad News

Hey hey!

So, this is the first post of my second blog :)! It's really weird writing something and knowing that no one will read it! But I hope that someone loses his way to my blog so that i get famous over night haha! Joke... :)

I wanted to show you some pics from my art work, but I cannot. My art is in Journals, sheets of papers and on many other things...but not on my pc as a pic. I would take pictures but someone has stolen my camera. Yes, that's true. I cannot even imagine. I don't want to think about it, but I want my camera back!!!

The luck was not at my if you want to make me happy, here are a few things I absolutely adore! I want them soooooooo soooooo soooooo it goes, my wishlist :)

How cool is that? A moleskine receipt-journal? OH MY GOD, I want that so bad!!! It will be released in March (oh no!!!)!

If I get the Sony Ericsson Satio (color doesn't matter ;) ) I don't need a cam, because it has 14 Megapixels ;)! Oh yes! 

A Wayfarer! I had a cheap one from a little store (no original ;) ) in amazing red, but someone broke it at my birthday party! So, I want one again! In every color you can ever imagine: green, blue, purple, yellow, white, ...


Isn't she amazing? So cute! So nice ;)! I want it :D
These are my wishes (until now haha). They aren't expensive (ok, the mobile phone...), but they would make me soooooooooooooo unbelievable happy :)

images via google

bye for now! xoxo claudia

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